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B&G Unveils Line Of Smart Pump Systems At AHR Expo 2024

Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, is pioneering innovation in hydronic system solutions with the debut of its hydrovar® X-enabled line of smart, connected products designed to improve the sustainability of commercial buildings and reduce complexity in the design process. The new B&G smart pumps will be added to our catalogue on our website soon.

The pump plus smart motor combinations are launching with Bell & Gossett’s e-1510 end-suction pump, e-80 vertical in-line pump and TECHNOFORCE™ e-HV packaged booster system at AHR Expo 2024, representing another important step forward in Bell & Gossett’s commitment to Building Better Futures.

Additional Features And Benefits

As the industry’s first and only system with a modular design that enables independent replacement of motor or drive, the hydrovar X-enabled products all feature a common interface and drive platform for easy commissioning and installation, along with additional features and benefits including:

  • Integrated motor-drive combo featuring quick-connect components reduces the complexities, time and resources associated with selecting pumps, motors and drives separately.
  • Built-in application software allows for virtually any configuration of pumps for maximum serviceability and ease of use.
  • The highest efficiency IE5 ultra-premium motors provide a powerful and compact footprint, saving valuable space within mechanical rooms.
  • Sustainability-forward, market-pioneering motor technology that doesn’t use rare earth metals.
  • Under typical operating conditions, the e-1510X Smart Pump delivers annual reductions of up to 380 metric tons of CO2 emissions.
  • The e-1510X and e-80X Smart Pumps, and e-HVX/e-HVXR boosters kick off the new line, with more hydrovar X-enabled products scheduled for future release.

    Hydrovar® X-Enabled Products

    In addition to the hydrovar® X-enabled products on display at AHR, Xylem Booth S7145 will feature a variety of in-booth presentations including educational sessions, product demos, and a range of high-efficiency solutions.


A complete system offering market leading efficiency and performance

Series e-90E Smart Pumps are close coupled, in-line centrifugal pumps combining the wide hydraulic coverage of the e-90 pump and the efficiency of Xylem’s Smart Motor in a pre-assembled package. Each e-90E Smart Pump provides power, intelligence, and performance right out of the box.

Xylem’s permanent magnet Smart Motor is highly efficient, minimizing power loss while transferring maximum energy to the hydraulic parts of the pump. The refined control system with integrated microprocessor adjusts the motor speed, matching the required operating point of the pump or system requirements. This reduces demand on electricity according to the required working conditions. Built-in pump protection controls and monitoring help optimize pump operations, increasing energy savings up to 70% (vs. fixed speed) while reducing installation time.

Series e-90E Smart Pumps are designed for small commercial HVAC systems with a wide range of applications including hydronic heating and cooling, pressure boosting, refrigeration and heat exchanger circulation. They are available in bronze fitted or all bronze construction to meet a wide range of pump needs.


  • Pre-programmed package
  • High performance, low energy use
  • Best-in-class efficiency
  • Ease of installation
  • Robust pump design

Pre-programmed package

Series e-90E Smart Pumps feature the 1) motor; 2) variable speed drive; and 3) hydraulic pump in pre-programmed packages with built in pump protection controls and monitoring to help optimize pump performance. The pre-assembled package does not require an external control panel or programmable logic controller (PLC).

High performance, low energy use

High efficiency hydraulics combined with permanent magnet motor technology and variable speed drive provide the lowest possible operating cost. The refined control system with integrated microprocessor adjusts the motor speed to match the demand of the operating system. This results in significant energy savings while also extending the life cycle of the equipment.

Best-in-class efficiency

The ultra-premium combined with permanent magnet motor technology and efficiency rating is the top efficiency level for motors designed to operate directly on-line. Each e-90E Smart Pump features Xylem’s IE5 Smart Motor, providing efficiency well above a standard IE3 NEMA Premium efficient asynchronous induction motor.

Ease of installation

The pre-assembled, pre-programmed package simplifies installation. The in-line mounted, close coupled pump is compact and versatile, designed to be mounted in the piping and can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Robust pump design

The compact, close coupled platform eliminates the need for a bearing frame or coupler. A stub-shaft or shaft sleeve is not required. The modern unitized EPR/Carbon/Silicon-Carbide mechanical seal is standard, offering easy removal and long service life. The back-pull-out design allows service access without disturbing the piping.

Unleash the power of hydrovar X!

Powered by Xylem’s hydrovar® X Smart Motor, Series e-80X Smart Pumps offer customizable pumping solutions designed to deliver ultra-premium efficiency, connectivity, and simplicity right out of the box!

Series e-80X Smart Pumps integrate decades of expertise and know-how in pumping solutions to bring the right combination of motors, variable speed drives and hydraulic pumps in one comprehensive, highly efficient package. Series e-80X Smart Pumps reduce electricity consumption, improve overall system performance, and lower life cycle costs. Designed for horizontal and vertical in-line mounting, it’s ideal for hydronic heating and cooling systems, light industrial processes and general service.

So, when it’s time to think efficiency, performance, and reliable market-leading technology … start with e-80X Smart Pumps from Bell & Gossett – a complete system, delivering the solutions you need for today.


  • Simple
  • Sustainable
  • Intelligent performance
  • Built-in protections
  • Ease of installation & maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Easy service

Simple: Built-in application software makes the drive one of the easiest to commission, program and operate, enabling virtually any configuration of pumps.

Sustainable: No rare earth materials are used to minimize product availability challenges and address environmental concerns while offering smart technology and superior performance.

Intelligent performance: Advanced system controls (up to 8 pumps) are customizable for a wide range of applications. The IE5 “ultra-premium” hydrovar X smart motor provides one of the broadest efficiency ranges in the industry.

Built-in protections: Integrated functions provide protection for the pump and motor while optimizing performance.

Ease of installation & maintenance: Integrated pump and hydrovar X motor design eliminates the need for additional wiring, labor and associated costs.

Compact motor design: hydrovar X motors offer higher performance with a reduced footprint when compared to legacy generation Hydrovar or e-80 ITSC solutions. Increased performance reduces electricity consumption and lowers life cycle costs.

Easy service: VFD and/or motor can be easily replaced individually, minimizing downtime and expensive repair. The integrated electrical socket requires no additional wiring, allowing a true plug and play solution versus buying a new motor and drive combination.

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