Hoffman Specialty

Hoffman Specialty, a unit of Xylem, offers a wide range of products for steam and hydronic systems. From steam traps to valves, from boiler feed units to temperature regulators and vacuum breakers, whether residential or commercial, Hoffman Specialty can fill the requirement. Hoffman Specialty was founded in 1913 by George D. Hoffman with the introduction of the Hoffman No. 1 Automatic Siphon Air Vent Valve for steam radiators, and was acquired by ITT Industries in 1970.

Air Vents

Hoffman Specialty air vents are float type automatic air vents that are designed to vent troublesome air from hydronic heating systems. Hoffman Specialty offers steam air vents for steam, one-pipe steam, steam processing equipment, radiators, hot water heating, and convectors.


Hoffman Specialty is a leading manufacturer of steam condensate and boiler feed pumps for steam heating systems. Hoffman Specialty offers a variety of these pumps, as well as, their repair parts. Boiler feed pumps are controlled by the pump controller located on the boiler while condensate pumps transfer condensate from remote building locations to boiler feed pumps and boiler feed tanks.

Steam Traps

Hoffman Specialty offers a large variety of steam traps and their repair parts including float and thermostatic (F&T) steam traps, radiator steam traps, and inverted bucket steam traps. These traps efficiently move condensate, air, and CO2 out of steam systems. This operating efficiency means less fuel is burned, in turn reducing emissions and saving money. Hoffman Specialty steam traps provide minimal steam loss, long life and dependable service, corrosion resistance, operation against back pressure, and little to no dirt problems.


Hoffman Specialty valves and accessories for hot water heating systems available include air vents, pressure reducing valves, temperature and pressure control valves, vacuum breakers, and more.