Grundfos Pumps & Parts

Pumps, packaged pumping systems and control that deliver simple, efficient and reliable HVAC and plumbing solutions for hospitals, universities, K-12, apartments, hotels, sporting facilities, high-rises, airports and more. With Grundfos, building comfort with less energy has never been simpler.

HVAC: Air Conditioning

Improve building comfort and reduce life-cycle costs with intelligent pumps that integrate easily into your air-based or hydronic cooling system.

HVAC: Heating

In a commercial heating system, energy-efficient pumps are only half the story. But with the right system design, you can get the simplicity and reliability you deserve, along with increased building comfort and energy savings.

Plumbing: Hot Water Recirculation

Using constant temperature hot water recirculating pumps, you get continuous and efficient hot water recirculation in the building with hot water at the right temperature from all taps.

Plumbing: Pressure Boosting

Ensuring optimal water pressure can be a challenge. You can overcome that challenge with efficient and reliable booster systems, which communicate with the entire system and reduce life-cycle costs.

Plumbing: Water Disinfection

Grundfos supplies dosing pumps and systems for commercial water disinfection, anti-scaling, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion for domestic water systems, air conditioning systems, boiler and heating systems.

Plumbing: Sewage

Commercial buildings have vastly different requirements for wastewater transfer. Grundfos supplies wastewater pumps and lift station pumps to ensure superior reliability, safety, ease of use and efficiency.