How cavitation of pumps can damage your system.

How cavitation of pumps can damage your system. Pump Cavitation Cavitation is a condition that can affect any fluid flow system. Despite it being an ever-present threat, it is not well understood. In the simplest possible terms, cavitation involves the formation of water vapor bubbles that damage metal components when they collapse back to the liquid phase. Here are some ... Read More

Bell & Gossett Circulator Review

Bell & Gossett Circulator Review The Bell & Gossett Series PL (Permanently Lubricated) booster pumps are close coupled in line circulator booster pumps. Each pump is built with either an iron or bronze construction and can pump liquids compatible with the pump’s body type. PL series booster pumps are ideal for pressure boosting and water circulating applications in hydronic, radiant, solar, and geothermal heating systems. ... Read More

All About Pumps

All About Pumps I find it hard to believe that some people in the mechanical industry have never heard of Inline Sales & Service Ltd. We have been in the pump industry for over 30 years and at our current location for over 10 years now. We really are all about pumps! Since the 90’s you can count on professional ... Read More

Get A Quote Today On A New Pump

Get A Quote Today On A New Pump If you are looking for an inline pump, end suction pump or multistage pump for domestic or heating purposes, use our new pump quote tool today. Inline Sales & Service Ltd. is located in Surrey BC and we have a large inventory of pump parts & can build any pump that you ... Read More
Electric Pump Motors

Electric Pump Motors

Electric Pump Motors When thinking about pumps used in industry, the focus tends to be on the materials they move, ranging from water and wastewater, chemicals, oil, petroleum, sludges and slurries, all the way to food. There is also a focus on their costs, efficiency and maintenance. Environmental impact tends to be much lower on the list of considerations, but ... Read More
How Does a Water Circulation Pump Work

How Does a Water Circulation Pump Work?

How Does a Water Circulation Pump Work? If you’ve dreamed of getting instant hot water to any faucet in your home, you might have considered installing a water circulation pump. Not only do these circulation pumps deliver instant hot water throughout your home, but they can save thousands of gallons of water per year. In a plumbing system without a ... Read More