Armstrong Pump 975000-985 – Mechanical Seal Kit

Armstrong Pump 975000-984 – 1-5/8″ Seal Kit

Armstrong Pump 975000-984 – 1-5/8″ Seal Kit for Armstrong pump models 4030, 4280, 4380 (254-326 frames), and 4360 1.5D, 4360 2D, 4360 3D.

Armstrong Pump 975000-984 – 1-5/8″ Seal Kit

Armstrong Pump water to 200°F mechanical seal kit for “L” style bearing assemblies on Series 4030 pumps.



Armstrong Seal Replacement 4030 4280 4360 4380 4382 4392

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The Armstrong circulator pump is one of the best on the market and with their expertise in fluid flow, heat transfer, variable speed, and demand based control, Armstrong Fluid Technology leads the fluid systems industry, including plumbing and hvac in providing the most energy efficient and cost effective solutions to building professionals and owners around the globe. We carry both the commercial and residential line of Armstrong Pumps including commercial series 4030 base mounted end suction pumps, series 5200 & 5240 sump sewage pumps and series 4300 vertical in-line pumps, series 4360 vertical in-line pumps, 4380 vertical in-line pumps. Most residential pumps are normally stocked including the Armstrong Astro circulators, Armstrong series E.2 circulators and the Armstrong series S&H 3-piece circulating pumps.

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