Cooling Tower Pump Maintenance & Repair


Cooling towers must be strictly maintained for several reasons.

Cooling tower maintenance: Keeping the cooling tower running correctly is vital to overall operations. For example, correct maintenance can prevent airborne diseases. Preventing Legionella in cooling towers is a vital part of protecting the health and safety of employees and visitors in the building or buildings in which the cooling tower operates. Cooling towers are used in a variety of industries and come in a number of configurations. Their required maintenance therefore depends on the type of application for which they have been built. Read more about Cooling Tower Pump Maintenance & Repair from Inline Sales & Service.

A dirty cooling tower can affect how the system runs and it can also endanger the health of the people who work, visit or live in the vicinity of a building in which a cooling tower is used. Cooling tower maintenance starts with a visual inspection to see if the moving parts and housings are in need of cleaning. Once it has been determined that these areas need to be repaired and cleaned or are in working order, there are five recommended steps to follow to ensure proper cooling tower maintenance, in addition to your cooling tower manufacturer guidelines. The cooling tower maintenance service takes care of these steps.

1. Remove Scale Deposits

Because cooling towers work using evaporation, there is a build-up of scale deposits, which has to be removed regularly. These deposits are caused by the minerals in the water and can vary in severity according to the minerals that are present in the water you are using. Limescale, for example, can build up and decrease both the efficiency and performance of your system. When left unchecked, it can even lead to the premature deterioration of your system. Inline Sales will help you descale your system a few times per year for optimal results.

2. Keep Air Flow Running

System breakdowns are often caused by poor fan performance. Loose parts, improper fan alignment and lack of gearbox maintenance can all result in poor air flow and air that is not sufficiently cooled. Inline Sales & Service will check for sludge build-up on the basin floor of your cooling tower, as it could be blocking air flow. Using a tower vacuum, we can remove the contaminants and help you restore proper air flow to your cooling tower. You can also choose to add a biocide to reduce algae and bacterial growth in the cooling tower.

3. Keep the Tubes Clean

Chiller tubes can become contaminated with mud, slime, algae and scale. This can lead to partially or totally clogged tubes. Your water quality and rate of build-up will determine how often you need to clean your tubes. All units experience build-up, and we can help you decide on the maintenance schedule which works best for your company. Cleaning tubes regularly is the most efficient way to remove debris. Chiller tubes play a vital role in overall cooling tower maintenance.

4. Inspect Your Water Pump

You can save on your monthly energy bills by making the pumping process as efficient as possible. Your pump is essential for moving water back and forth, and a well-maintained one goes a long way towards an optimized and better-performing system. Increase your unit’s life span by having a professional from Inline Sales & Service inspect your water pump regularly. Part of the service may include the lubrication of the pump, motor bearings and the water seal. Alignment checks are also included.

5. Treat Your Water

Water quality is an important part of maintaining the efficiency of your cooling tower. Quality problems can lead to scum and scale build-up. Test and treat your water to prevent premature system issues. Water treatment is a worthwhile investment, as it will help keep your system running at peak performance levels. Cooling tower maintenance also makes water treatment more effective.


Inline Sales & Service Cooling Pump Repair

The cooling tower water circulating pumps are critical to the chiller systems they serve. Your chilled water system may even have more than one type of chill water pump, with a primary pump circulating water through your chiller and another to circulating water through the building.

All of your chill water or condenser water pumps should have good seals, bearings, rotating components and drive motors. Both loops have controls, bypasses and valves that are often neglected for inspection and maintenance. The pump strainers should also be cleaned.

Inline sales & service have trained experts in installing your cooling tower pump correctly and effectively maintaining your cooling tower pumps relieving you of the headache of keeping up with routine service of the equipment.

Inline Sales can help you maintain the following components to your cooling tower circulating pump systems:

  • Isolate, drain and clean strainers
  • Maintain Seals, Bearings and Couplings: Inspect for seal leakage; lubricate bearings only as per manufacturer’s recommendation intervals; check for excess vibration; check pump/motor alignment; check coupling insert for cracks and excess wear.
  • Ensure Pump Starter is in good working order.
  • Ensure proper operation of the pump motor.
  • Total Dynamic Head and Flow Testing
  • Check water make-up, air removal and expansion system
  • Check the make-up pressure regulator and relief system for proper pressure and check for leakage
  • Check the air separator and automatic air vent for operation and against leakage
  • Check expansion tank level and any safety controls
  • Inspect bypass systems

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