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  • BLACK SLUDGE - The enemy within

    The natural build up of black sludge (iron oxide) in heating or cooling systems significantly reduces performance and efficiency. It can also cause premature valve and pump failure, damage to the boiler and even full system breakdown.

    BoilermagXT prevents these problems by removing the damaging black iron oxide.

    As water circulates through the system it flows through the BoilermagXT. Iron oxide contamination is attracted to the magnetic rods and is removed from circulation. BoilermagXT removes the smallest particles, down to sub-micron size.

  • Benefits of BoilermagXT

    • Guaranteed protection from black iron oxide
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Maintains peak performance of systems
    • Improves energy efficiency
    • Extends system life
    • No running costs, minimal maintenance costs
    • Reduces the sludge that builds up in boilers
    • 3 year warranty
  • Engineered to last

    The BoilermagXT has a full stainless steel housing precision manufactured to ISO 9001:2009. It is available in sizes to fit 2”, 3”, 4” 6” and 8” pipes with ANSI flanges.

    The units are fitted with high intensity rare earth magnetic rods.

  • Installation

    BoilermagXT is typically installed on the return circuit as close to the boiler as possible. On larger systems smaller units may be installed elsewhere giving extra protection for radiators and pipework.

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning is simple: isolate the inlet and outlet valves and release the nuts on the lid. Remove the contaminated cartridge from the housing and remove the magnetic cores from the tube assembly. The attracted contamination can then be removed, quickly and easily.

  • Performance

    Magnetic performance9,000 Gauss high strength
    Performance readingOn tube surface
    Magnetic materialRare earth neodymium iron boron
    Magnet gradeN42SH - inspected and confirmed by bystergraph prior to use
    Temperature41F to 302F / 5C to 150C
    Operating pressure+/- 174 psi / 12 Bar
  • Materials

    Housing304 grade stainless steel
    Tube cartridge316 grade stainless steel - aerospace quality
    Other parts304 grade stainless steel
    Surface finishInternal - bead blast
    External - poweder coated, black
    SealingViton o-ring, brown
  • Options

    High temperature samarium cobalt magnetic material +482F / 250C
  • Warranty

    Industry leading 3 years